health benefits of yoga

In ancient India, yoga is is a group of mental, spiritual and physical practices aimed to unify individual consciousness to the universal consciousness. Today, yoga is a practice that involves breath control, meditation and bodily postures in order to attain relaxation and ultimately, good mind and body health.

In the beginning, yoga may be quite a challenge as its vocabulary alone is quite tough to remember. The bodily poses as well seem to be uncomfortable, at first, but as time passes and with the help of some tips, beginners will eventually see and feel the benefits of this practice.

Tips for Beginners

  • Practice at home.

Practice is very important when it comes to yoga. With yoga, alignment is everything and so, the best way to really attain perfect alignment is by practicing. Make sure there is a space in your home wherein you can do yoga routines and poses.

  • Invest in a mat.

At first, mats may seem to be trivial and it may seem that the quality does not matter. However, as you advance your way through yoga, you will realize the importance of a mat that will ensure your safety whilst doing the poses. There are a wide variety of mats available in the market, some mats are even customized for hot yoga; you may need to ask help from your yoga teacher in deciding which mat you should purchase.

  • Clarify your practice routines.

As much as possible, ask your teacher for help in case you are not quite sure with the routines you do at home for your practice. You might be practicing something that is quite complicated, without proper guidance, this routine might even cause you some injuries. You may take a video of your practice routine and show it to your teacher for feedback and suggestions.

  • Attend yoga classes.

If you really want to learn yoga, attending yoga classes is essential. There are several websites to show yoga classes near you. You can check out Bidvine for available yoga in Aldgate.

  • Make sure you relax.

Do not get too fascinated with doing just the postures. Make sure you remember to breathe, relax and meditate in between poses. When you will finally learn to regularly relax and meditate, you will definitely feel the positive changes within you.

  • Make some changes in your daily life.

Changes in your sleeping schedule is quite important as you need to have enough sleep in order for you to maximize the benefits of yoga.

basics for yoga beginners

Mistakes to Avoid

  • In doing yoga, remember that wearing shoes is not allowed.
  • Having your phone inside your pocket or beside you while doing yoga will only distract you and so, it’s best to turn it off and keep it in your locker or your bag.
  • Make sure you get a matt made of Tyvek or a similar material .
  • When you do yoga, focus on yourself and try to avoid focusing on other people’s attention on you.
  • Do not ever compare yourself to others, simply, because people are different. Some may learn some postures faster than others and vice versa.
  • When caught in a difficult situation, do not let your mind think that you cannot do it. Always encourage yourself to practice slowly but surely until you reach your goals.