Good News: Playing Video Games Actually Has Its Benefits

kids playing video games

Advancement in technology has brought in so many modes of entertainment in today’s society; one of which is video games.

Video Games

Video games refer to electronic games which makes use of interaction with a user interface on a video device such as that of a computer monitor, projectors for video games, or television screens. Video games may actually be played on smartphones, desktops, as well as video game consoles such as Playstation 4, Xbox, and Nintendo Wii.

According to ESA (Easy Software Association) statistics, there are about 155 million Americans who actually play video games and that 4 out of 5 households actually own devices that are used to play video games.

Unfortunately, with the statistics in mind, a lot of people have actually addressed their concerns on the growing number of hours kids, teens, and adults spend on playing video games.

In general, video games, although entertaining, are seen in a negative light. They are believed to have negative effects on the lives of the players. However, some studies have presented information that is quite the opposite.

Playing video games actually provide the following benefits.

The Benefits

  • Playing video games actually trains the eyes. Many studies have shown that video games improve visual skills since players are forced to look into details on the screen. Luckily, this is carried out in real life application when players finally get off the game.
  • Studies have also shown that video games may improve dyslexia. Moreover, those with lazy eyes have also shown improvement by playing video games. The reason behind this may be related to the explanation of the previously mentioned benefit.
  • Video games allow players to meet other players,even players from the opposite side of the world. Hence, they help players make more friends. Moreover, it is also a common scenario for video game players to play side by side with their real life friends; hence, there is definitely improvement in terms of socialization both online and offline.

different types of video games

  • Just like playing physical sports, video games have also been proven to improve cognitive abilities. One major cognitive aspect affected positively by playing video games is memory. Studies have shown that memory capacity improves with video games that has several memory tasks.
  • These games usually involve decision-making challenges which may entail the need to make quick decisions; this is beneficial since it trains the player’s mind on doing a fast cost-benefit analysis.
  • Aside from decision-making challenges, there may also be challenges that require problem-solving. For instance, there are video games which focus on solving mysteries, crimes, puzzles, etc. and these helps the brain do mental exercises.
  • For some, playing video games is one way to relax; it relaxes both mind and the body after a stressful day at school or work.
  • Video games may also be an avenue to bond with the whole family. Many families actually reserve a game night, usually during weekends or holidays, in order to unwind and spend time with one another over Xbox or PlayStation games.