Top 7 Easy Ways to Get a Seriously Dust-Free Home

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Unfortunately, dust is everywhere  in your living room, under your bed, inside your closet–it is literally found everywhere.. Dust is all around us and truth be told, we cannot really get rid of them completely. However, we can find ways to reduce them significantly especially in our homes.

Having an almost completely dust-free home is very important especially when we have kids with asthma or people with sensitive noses and health around the house. That being said, here is a list of the effective and easy ways to free your homes from dust.

  • Use microfiber products

As much as possible, use microfiber products for wiping and dusting furniture and other parts of the house. Microfiber attracts and holds onto the dust unlike the usual rags and dusters which only spread the dust even more. As long as you keep these microfiber dusters away from fabric softeners, as it degrades their ability, you are good to go.

  • Keep the windows closed

Understandably, keeping the windows in the house open will only allow dust from the outside to get inside the home. As you know, the outside area is the home for all types of dust from animals, roads, cars, etc. and so, keeping your home securely closed off from dust will definitely be a big help.

  • Change sheets regularly

One of the main contributors of dust is ourselves, our skin, hair and clothes. This is why it’s important to regularly change bed sheets and pillow cases in order to prevent dust from multiplying where we sleep in.

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  • Beat it

Indeed, couches, pillows, carpets, rugs, etc. need constant beating in order to get rid of dust that has settled in in those areas. Make sure you do the beating outside of the home while your windows are closed.

  • Secure carpet cleaning

If you do have a carpeted area at home, do some serious carpet cleaning.  Carpets are treated as homes for dust and so, they must be regularly cleaned and if possible, professionally cleaned as well. Check out for reliable carpet cleaning services.

  • Sweep and mop the floors

For areas around the house which are not covered with carpet, make sure you frequently sweep and mop the floor in order to clean up dust that has accumulated over time.

  • Groom pets regularly

Do not ever neglect your pets and make sure they are groomed and cleaned regularly if you want to keep the house as dust-free as possible. For your information, cats and dogs are some of the main contributors of dust in homes; thus, the need for extra care.

The Bottom Line
In order to achieve a home that is significantly low in dust level, homeowners need to invest. Basic home investments such as purchasing microfiber products, grooming the pets more regularly and hiring professional carpet cleaners are some of the easy ways to ensure a cleaner home. Just think about it, these little things will have a great and positive effect for your entire family.