Getting To Know The Biggest Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced

main reasons why people divorce

Failure of marriages to anyone all over the world. Not one single place on this planet is exempted from the possibility of this unfortunate situation; that said, not even the richest people are excused from this as well. In fact, there have been several studies conducted to determine the marriage and divorce rates of both those belonging to the upper part of the socioeconomic status and those at the lower end.

Nonetheless, the very thing to look into are the ultimate reasons why marriages fail and why couples get divorced. Before even contacting the best counsel who goes by the name of Mr. David Goldberg or whoever your lawyer is, you must first read the list of reasons below.

Common Reasons


One of the leading causes of divorce is infidelity. Tying the knot and, ideally, spending all your life with someone who is an all-time philanderer is no joke. Indeed, marriage is not a game. The stress it brings to your marriage is definitely more than enough to drive you towards filing a divorce case.


Financial issues also contribute to the rise of divorce cases. Some couples may extremely have different ways of handling money and so, these differences may lead them to divorce.


Domestic violence is also one of the many reasons why couples get divorced. It is very possible that the abusive tendencies of the husband or wife only manifested after the marriage and not before. Oftentimes, people stand by the notion that people truly change once the knot has been tied. It gets worse when the physical or psychological abuse is not only inflicted to the spouse but also the children. A divorce is definitely needed immediately.


A couple of years into the marriage, some people find themselves lost. They are no longer sure of their individual identities as the identities may have seemingly merged into one. When this happens, people are often pushed to the idea of breaking away from the marriage in order to find themselves once more.

loss of intimacy in marriage


The loss of intimacy is also a very common reason as to why divorce cases are filed. When couples no longer make efforts in being intimate with each other, the marriage may fall apart. It is natural for people to want intimacy and if you cannot get it out of your partner, chances are you might get it from someone else. Hence, it would seem that divorce may be a better choice because who wants to stay in a relationship without intimacy?


When expectations, in general, are too high, most likely you are going to end up disappointed. Unfortunately, this disappointment may put the blame on the marriage and so, divorce becomes the ultimate solution.


Irreconcilable differences is also one of the leading reasons why couples divorce. Along the marriage, couples may realize how different they are from one another with regards to views in certain things, goals in life, dreams, etc. This is enough to drive people away from each other and with that said, divorce may just be around the corner.